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The WinSrc Archive is a collection of applications for Windows, all of which include source code. WinSrc isn't primarily a source code repository and there are other excellent source code collections with which I can't hope to compete. WinSrc is primarily a collection of complete and hopefully useful apps which include source code.

Unless otherwise indicated everything here is covered by the GNU Lesser General Public License. Do not download anything unless you agree to the licence.

The applications here may be useful, at least I hope so, but the real point is that they all include all the source code you need to build them. This means you can modify them to suit your own taste, include bits of them in applications of your own (but remember the GNU license!) or just use them as examples of how interesting bits of Windows programming are done.

Note that where and application is described as suitable for Windows NT this includes Windows 2000/XP/2003 unless the description specifically states otherwise.

New(ish) stuff 40478 19/07/2008
C++ app to reconcile the contents of two directories by:
  - creating files that exist in the source but not the destination
  - copying files which are newer in the source than in the destination
  - deleting files in the destination which do not exist in the source
Now converted to UNICODE so you can use it for file names longer than 256 characters and weird files names e.g. with spaces at the end. 25419 02/07/2007
List the permissions for a registry key and all subkeys. NB works only on W2k or later.

John Rennie
20th December 2006